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Questions To Ask Before Choosing A Moving Company

Questions to ask before choosing a moving company

by Promovers , 2 years ago
When you plan to relocate to a new spac, there are many important questions to ask when looking to hire a moving company: are your items insured? Do your movers pack your items? Do you take an inventory of my items? Can I trust the movers?
Moving involves a lot of risks, so you should be asking all these questions and more before selecting a moving company.

1. Are my items insured?

It’s extremely important you hire a moving company with an insurance coverage, a lot can happen to even the most careful movers - an insurance will compensate for the unexpected. The benefits of hiring a moving company with insurance cover cannot be overstated. Better to be safe than sorry

2. Do movers pack for me?

A professional moving company should have multiple service offerings to satisfy the needs of its clients. There should be the option to have movers pack for you or a self-packing. No service should be imposed on you, especially when it comes to your personal items. So make sure you ask about this and the cost implications.

3. Do you take inventory of my items?

Don’t move with a moving company that gives you an estimated quote for your move without taking an inventory. It raises serious red flags, trust us! Request for an inventory of your items to be taken and then an exact quote specifying materials to be used during your move, this way both you and the moving company are on the same page about your move.

4. Can I trust my movers?

If you see the signs that the moving company might be shady or not clear on their moving terms, not professional, pricing is too good to be true, or you are just not comfortable with the company, then you better think again about letting them into your home. Ensure whatever company you choose is transparent about moving terms, with excellent reviews and a track record of successful and exceptional customer service. Do your research.  
If you are looking for professional movers you can trust, leave us a message and we’ll talk you through our exceptional customer-centred moving services and have you moved with ease.