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Harmattan Is Coming !

Harmattan is coming !

by Promovers , 2 years ago
Harmattan is almost upon us, while we have mixed feelings towards the weather change: some days it’s nice and breezy and other days humid and dusty, regardless of what the day brings,

Harmattan is a good reminder the festive season is near.
With the festivities comes decorations, home remodeling, having family and friends over, the bbqs and everything else in between, but with harmattan also comes dust, a lot of it, you can’t avoid it, it just has a way of creeping in!

So how do you protect your items from the dust and humidity that comes with the harmattan?

Fashion Accessories
Smaller items like your bags, belts, hats and shoes should be wrapped in dust bags and stored in boxes if possible to keep dust away.

Floors and Walls
Floors and walls – marble or tiles should be swept and dusted with a fluffy brush regularly and mopped thoroughly to ensure it is free of dust.

Rugs and Carpets
Vacuum your rugs and carpets at least twice a week during the harmattan season, if possible have professional cleaners handle the washing.

Your sofa gets all the wears and tear normally, with the harmattan around, try to keep windows short or blinds drawn to reduce dust exposure. Avoid using regular home cleaning agents to clean your sofa as that can cause damage to the fabric. Rather, use upholstery cleaners that are ideal for your sofa fabric, better still hire professional upholstery cleaners to revive your sofa